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leafboy commits to:
Not consuming any drugs, which includes marijuana and caffeine. Also, detox from p*rn is just tagging along in here..
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August 22, 2022, 7:46 PM
What's the next step in this battle for you?
August 22, 2022, 4:30 AM
I messed up this week. I still have much to learn...
August 17, 2022, 7:49 PM
I'm glad to hear it was overall a very productive day! When you feel the urge to cum and you give in, you are letting your balls control you (technically it's the pleasure center in your brain). You also centering on the wrong thing instead of self improvement. Getting a fleshlight would only encourage that behavior. Choose how you want to invest your time and money. Will it help make you the better version of yourself that you want to be?
August 16, 2022, 2:36 AM
I coomed yesterday. For about 3/5th of the day, it was a really productive day, in terms of working out, Sunday cleaning, and getting some hw accomplished. Around evening time, however, I was feeling on edge. I was preparing to take a shower and then, as I was looking myself naked in the mirror, I started to play with myself. After cooming, I showered, ate second dinner, messaged my friend to hang out, and then hung out with my friends at night. We played some SSBM and then smoked some ganja(I will report this week as a failure).
Now today, felt like I was recuperating after yesterdays trip. I was extremely sore from hitting legs yesterday (actually yesterday was the first day I took some nootropic pre-workout), and it took me some time to get out of bed. Only after I got a call from a family friend to go to the gym, did I get myself ready to take on the day. I drank some chai, and took that same nootropic pre-workout to get myself ready. After hitting chest, I ate lunch with my eldest brother, read 10 pages of "The 48 Laws of Power", browsed the internet, drove to campus for group meditation (read a bit while I was there), drove home, ate dinner, attempted to do some coding homework(didn't actually do a problem), conversed with older brother, and now I am here writing.
One thing that was coursing through my mind leading up to the release, was again, the idea of getting that fleshlight. The thought of obtaining came up again today on the way to campus. The struggle...
Why get it? Amazing pleasure into release.
Why not get it? Possible addiction to that sensation, and releasing seed kills motivation to improve myself.
Long term gain, better version of myself. In what way? Sexual transmutation into doing work. But in this case, what was I supposed to do?
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