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jtwin commits to:
To not succumb to PnAdd. No LBW with media type (even not yet thought of) if contains (clothed/nude) images or sounds. None of this allowed for 1 yr. Violation means paying $1000. Normal media-free LBW ok. No Fbk images, no guided ASMR/soundcloud, no chat, no cartoons/anime/monsters/etc., no webcam, nothing supported by compu. No ads, forums for Pts. No computers or cell phones can be viewed during normal LBW
No more reports due
My Commitment Journal
May 4, 2020, 12:17 PM
Overlapped with May exception, so I didn't plan well. Should repeat.
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April 27 to May 4
Recipient of Stakes
Anti-charity (Abortion: Americans United for Life)
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Total at stake: $50.00
Stakes per period: $50.00
Remaining Stakes: $0.00
Total Money Lost: $0.00
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