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C: For Every red goal I input in Todoist I must finish it before I sleep. I am not allowed to change the goal after 10 minutes of imputing it.
S: For every day, I must complete all red Goals. Each red goal I make will contain a separate CSI that will allow me to Finish the goals objectively and specifically
I: It will be before I sleep and marked completed the following day
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October 16, 2023, 3:38 PM
if inertia is a powerful Force in working and in resting. We must learn to use it and to break it. Also geralt is what you make him in many respects. But he still at his base is reliable, competent, protector, provider, and procreator is the wrong word. But rather it is attractive, sexy? Hmmm if the girl is cute and capable. The man is the 3 p's.

Although it is weird I have been kinda living the life as a dad..... Wanting to go live in the mountains after all of the responsibilities are over. Is that What I want in my actual life? It does seem like that. But what about the road all the adventures. And yen the allure, excitement and danger compared to triss in the homely and warmth. And yet ye. Can sometimes be kind. And triss can definitely be exciting. Hmmm
October 14, 2023, 4:41 PM
What I am thinking is this. Everyday we have a break at the end of the day. 45min game and medi.

For the week we have at most 1 day where we have no internal goals that are tier 1. We can still do chores and other tasks and we can work. But there are not must dos that are difficult. We can pair it with a longer game session or not. And alcohol or not. But it depends.

Then for the month we have at most 1 day that is unscheduled. That is to say we put in that it is the Sabbath. We don't even have to do tier 3 goals and we can miss or change our sleep schedule.

Optimal stress for productivity is still stress. And your body needs periods of little to no stress. Consistent long term stress even if moderate is deterinental because it makes it feel like you cannot catch a break. Constant stress and responsibility is like being pulled on a leash even though you don't want to walk. Even if you are going at walking or mild jogging pace. You are still being pulled and you cannot stop. This leads to dread and overall pain.

But long jogs in addition to breaks. And a longer break seems more sustainable
October 13, 2023, 4:01 PM
Sometimes you must fail multiple times in order to get a system that works. Even with the best for sight. Sometimes you forget. Also other people can often give you ideas that you didi think of
Group brainstorming sessions can be helpful
October 12, 2023, 3:43 PM
Am tired, needs more Brea
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