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friedsoy commits to:
I commit to working harder than I used to (at least 2 hrs per day until I find a job), sticking to my learning plan (deep diving topics of interest, practicing piano and learning german every day), and changing my relationship to money and expenses, keeping a tight budget and saving money
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October 25, 2023, 2:47 PM
Last week hasn't been nearly as productive as planned, either. I'm planning too much hours.
This time, the mood and mindset have gone downhill. I'm trying to give myself grace.

Maybe planning all these hours is all too stressful. Maybe I need to plan for the minimum and get it done, then try pushing through more once I'm in flow state. But at least do the bare minimum. Because in this state, I'm not doing anything since even if I do the minimum, there's still so much left to make up for.
I guess I should fill my schedule with hours I've worked instead of filling it then turning most of it red because life happened and it didn't go as planned. I guess Struthless was right when he suggested to come up with a plan and motivation for when things don't go as planned.
I'm thinking of maybe organizing my weeks in sprints with one main focus then a few other tasks rather than breaking up working hours in such a large scale of projects to work on and feeling like none is moving forward.

However there are positive things. Since I knew I wasn't going to be able to put in all my work hours, I did smart procrastination and did some personal administration and housekeeping tasks that needed to be done and/or that I had been putting off for a long while.
Also, if you look at things from a larger view, I'm basically testing what works and doesn't for me. Seeing that planning this way isn't really serving me is an opportunity to try out new ways (i.e one week "sprints" with a particular focus)
Also I'm aiming for the moon, but I do land in the stars. I'm not putting in the hours that I intend to, but I still put a lot more than I used to. It's a process, you don't change overnight.

Good things:
- called PC; repoted plants; sold drums

What's blocking me:
- putting in the hours, because my mood was very low and felt like I was loosing it.
- my portfolio: I intended to work on it for 7+ hrs last week and only did 30'-1hr - because it's putting me off and stressing me out - I wanted to apply for Mews, but realized I needed a portfolio and it put me down because I feel like it's going to block me.
- a personal situation with Lise that's taking up my vital energy and that needs to be taken care of.
October 15, 2023, 5:33 PM
Last week hasn't been as productive as I planned. I'm not spending enough time on my goals.

I got distracted by personal matters: CDV, mixing with Nathan, attended events I wasn't into... and alcohol consumption. But nothing got out of hand and I still kept a good mood and mindset. Also since I wasn't managing to work as many hours as I wanted I cleaned room 2 instead, which I've been willing to do for a while now.

Nexton didn't work out - at least for now. They're looking for a senior.

I did have a great accomplishment: went to a networking event and made new interesting contacts. Will continue to polish my network.

Even if my week wasn't as productive as it should I still notice I do so many more things than I used to. Now I'm going to stay focused and consistent because I do need to put in more hours to hit my goals. I'm planning on 25 hours this week. It's a big jump but I'm gonna try.

I haven't had the change to integrate OWL/EPM activities in my schedule, but I'm keeping it in mind.

Another more personal goal is to reply to friends sooner and not letting the silence build up. I have to make the time so I can win the peace of mind.

- wrote my goals with time expectation in order to plan more realistically. Connected calendar ad toggl to be able to visualise planned vs reality.
- Getting consistent in my tech watch
- building consistency with my work planning
- building consistency in my non negotiables
- Building consistency in my time block planning
To do:
- put in the hours!! (AIM 25)
- avoid social events you're not that into. You'll have plenty to attend later
- answer unattended messages
October 9, 2023, 12:17 PM
Last week was a bit off, I was demotivated because my application at Chance didn't work out. I didn't work as many hours as I'm supposed to because I had lost a sense of direction and hadn't planned appropriately.
But I turned this around on Friday, whereas I would usually just put it off 'till after the week-end. This time I didn't, I planned appropriately and reinforced my organization system. So my system is getting better, and I'm improving it as I go, just testing what works for me. I reorganized the tags on my Time tracker, and my favorites bar so that I have a structured, clear workflow with my tools at hand.
I officially started working on my own portfolio - not just staying on the edge of it, checking templates out and trying to plan the execution.
Today, Nexton just published a job offer and I'm going to apply. I just contacted Yoann that works there. I hope this is going to work out.
I'm super consistent with piano and I'm noticing real improvement, it's also easier to focus and just get to it. I'm also consistent in german.
I feel like my expense management is starting to become hardwired. It's not even hard for me to respect it. I just needed a system and I got it now.
I walk a lot during the week. My mornings are so much better and I'm truly starting to sleep so much better.
I have a good feeling about the next two weeks.
- Wrote my goals for this week and month to have a better vision.
- Started being consistent with my daily tech watch (wip).
- Outlined my own OWL/EPM framework with activities to integrate weekly and monthly.
- Make a habit of integrating OWL/EPM activities in my schedule.
- Bettering my morning routine (integrating breathwork + reading).
October 1, 2023, 7:58 PM
200€ on account at the end of the month.
Worked hard, got an interview with the company I wanted even though it didn't work out.
Waiting for a reply from Chance.
Consistent with my piano practice, noticing substantial progress. Fingers are stronger.
Consistent with german too.
I achieve most of my weekly goals and complete to-do's.
Getting better at organization. I put up a Kanban board for my job search.
To do: define monthly to-do's, put up a life Kanban board.
Be more consistent with my tech watch and define a skill learning system to integrate it to my schedule.
Go running.
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